A FAST-FOOD restaurant has conducted an investigation after an angry customer suspected maggots were inside his ‘disgusting’ meal.

Rob Morgan returned from a round-trip from Barrow to Kendal last month when he decided to treat himself to a takeaway at Burger King.

The 40-year-old visited the Hindpool Retail Park site and ordered a £4.99 barbeque burger meal to take away from the restaurant.

After taking the first bite, the stay-at-home dad noticed a strange taste in the flavour and texture.

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“I thought it doesn’t taste right,” he said.

“It tasted rank – it was like cardboard. I opened it up and saw there was loads of little holes inside. It was like something had been in it.

“I’m not one to complain but every person I’ve shown it to has said how disgusting it is.”

After investigating the claim alongside Environmental Health, Burger King has revealed the cause of the ‘strange’ appearance of the burger – which was not caused by maggots.

A spokeswoman for Burger King said: “Food safety and hygiene are a top priority at Burger King UK.

“All products at our restaurants are prepared following stringent specifications and we work closely with environmental health teams to ensure our meals are to the highest standard.

“We use the highest quality supplier of patties for our range of meat products, and the product is controlled from production, to cooking, to the service and to the guest.

“We have investigated the matter raised alongside the Environmental Health Organisation and although the shapes in the patty may have looked out of the ordinary, they have been caused by fat or water produced by cooking and heating of the patty only.”

After the incident, Mr Morgan vowed to never return to the fast-food restaurant after the experience.

“I will never ever go back there again in my life,” he said.

“And I will make sure my friends and family never go there again.

“It was just absolutely awful.

“I’ll stick to McDonald’s from now on.”