Pete Wild has pledged to bring in players to Barrow AFC who reflect the town’s identity.

The new manager says ensuring there is a strong connection between club, team and town is essential.

And he says honest, hard-working attributes will be essential qualities in the players he aims to sign.

Wild says his own background from a “working-class town” in Oldham has given him insight into the importance of the club-community relationship.

“It’s huge,” he said. “I want there to be a connection between the club – not just the football side – and the fans.

“The quicker we are as one, the more chance we have of making the home ground more of a fortress and a tougher place for people to come.

“At the end of the day we are in the entertainment industry, and we’re here to entertain the people who come and watch us.

“I know what the fans want. They work all week and spend their hard-earned money to come and watch the team.

“They want to see honest individuals that are a reflection of the town.

“I can guarantee that’s what I’ll be, and can guarantee I’ll be trying everything to get people in the building that are what I am.

“Sometimes when you come into a new role that can take time, sometimes you have to cajole some of them along that are maybe not of that mindset, but I can guarantee I’ll be working as hard as I can to get people of a similar mindset as the people in this town.”

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Wild says he also intends to immerse himself in the town as he begins a three-year deal with the Bluebirds.

“In a previous life I worked for the Lancashire FA who looked after Barrow, and I have friends from the area who I used to work with, the [former] mayor, Tony Callister,” he said. “I worked with Tony for a few years.

“I had meetings and knew the grassroots scene up here more than the professional scene. Since then I’ve been up here with Halifax and played against Barrow.

“I have a slight understanding of the area but I hope within the next couple of months I can have a full understanding of the area, and that me and my family can engross ourselves in everything.”