New boss Pete Wild says Barrow AFC will meet potential new signings this weekend as he starts the job of reshaping the squad.

Wild says a focus will be on ensuring any new faces are “good people” as well as good players.

The new Holker Street manager says he will not rush into making new additions and will be keen to assess the character of targets.

But he still hopes to move quickly to add to the squad if all the pieces of the jigsaw come together.

“We’ve currently got a lot of targets that we’re after,” Wild said.

“Our job over the weekend is to get in front of those people, sell what we’re trying to do here and hopefully if they buy in, things will move sooner rather than later.

“However, we need to get the right people in the building. Number one in my recruitment is, ‘is he a good lad?’ not ‘is he a good player?’

“I need to get the right people, and speak to the references of people who’ve worked with them in the past.

“That can take time but I feel if we get the right people in the building, that outweighs the impatient, let’s-just-go-and-get-anybody mentality.

Wild says he is familiar with some of the existing players at the Dunes Hotel Stadium, and says evolving that squad will be key.

“I know three or four of them from my time at Oldham, and I’ve come up against most of the squad in the last three years,” he added.

“We’ve got some exciting players in the building, some good experience, and it’s now about building on top of that and making that squad as robust as possible, within a framework of how I want to play.”

In terms of getting new faces in before the start of pre-season training, Wild added: “I’d hope to have as many in as we can [by then], but that depends on a lot of variables in terms of players, agents, how much money they all want, and what sort of deals we can do to get them in.

“We’ll be trying our hardest to have as many in by then as possible.”

Wild says planning for pre-season is also an immediate priority.

“Hopefully it will be sorted over the weekend and then we’re ready to move forward, and everybody knows when they’re coming back, knows what’s going to happen, and I can plan accordingly,” he said.

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