READERS have been left divided after an application was submitted that would see 58 houses built on a greenfield site in Barrow.

The majority of the dwellings on the plot of land to the east of Holbeck Park Avenue would have three or four bedrooms.

The plan would see 168 vehicle parking spaces created.

"The house designs have been developed uniquely for this site in order to create a striking architectural character to the location, utilising steep, gabled roofs and large windows on ground and first floors in order to maximise potential views out and availability of natural daylight," says the design-and-access statement submitted as part of the application.

The plan, submitted by Holbeck Homes Ltd, based at Cark-in-Cartmel, includes six affordable dwellings, which is just over the 10 per cent stipulated by planning policy.

Each of the homes will have solar panels and all will have an electric car charging point available, say the plans.

The land is described in the design-and-access statement as a greenfield site 'partially used for grazing'. It was formerly used as a golf course.

Thomas Brock said: “What an excellent looking development.”

The Observer said: “Most houses in the past were built on green field sites.”

Publicists said: “Nobody should be surprised at these proposals. It was always the long term aim of Holker estates to build on the land. They have other land above where these are planned to be built that is also earmarked for housing in future years too. These 58 are just phase one.”

Nondumvetus said: “I thought the environment was important and the population of the town was falling and now we see another green field site being earmarked for destruction.

“Surely there are enough brown field sites in the area!!”

Sally Ham said: “When are they going to stop ruining the countryside?”