READERS have been largely supportive after an Italian restaurant was told that ‘major improvement’ is necessary following a damning food hygiene inspection.

Inspectors from Barrow Borough Council paid a visit to Salvana’s in Barrow’s Cavendish Street to carry out a food hygiene inspection.

The inspection, which took place on April 8, found the Italian restaurant was in need of ‘major improvement’.

Inspectors awarded the restaurant a score of one, labelling the hygienic handling of food including and the cleanliness and condition of facilities and building as ‘generally satisfactory’.

The management of food safety in the restaurant was rated as 'major improvement necessary’.

Julie Maggs said: “This won’t affect their business as everyone loves Salvo’s.”

Lucy John said: “We went on Wednesday and it was amazing.”

Karen Rochford said: “Fab food and staff won’t change my opinion.”

Jane Gokce said: “I’ve just read this and said let’s go, it won’t put me off - best Italian around.”

Chrissie Louise said: “I’d eat a Salvos chilli garlic bread off the floor to be fair.”

Sam Trewin said: “These inspections you can drop a lot of points just on paper work xx”

Michelle Simm said: “I’d still go, best in restaurant in Cumbria.”

Rachel Bell said: “It’s the same as Collin’s bun shop... If you like the food, you’ll still go. Can’t see this affecting Salvo's business. Loyalty for a long-standing business shines through.”

Mark Goodsir said: “Probably cleaner still than most kitchens at home!”

Sam Bowker said: “Still going tomorrow.”

Katie Caine said: “It could be something as simple as a piece of paperwork missing, doesn't mean it's filthy!”

Jaze Cartwright said: “Best Italian never found a better quality anywhere I have been.”