North Lonsdale Show, at Bardsea Park, in 1995 drew one of the largest crowds for years.

After doing their initial sums, officials of the 151-year-old North Lonsdale Agricultural Society Show said that more than 5,000 people visited the event on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

Treasurer John Towler said show staff were delighted with the attendance, which was thought to have been boosted by the hot spell.

Mr Towler said: “The figure has not yet been finalised, but I think the attendance was up on last year and was somewhere in the region of 5,000.

“This makes it one of the highest attendances for many years.

“In cash terms receipts were slightly ahead of last year, which was also a super year with beautiful weather.”

The society, founded in 1838, was a non-profit-making organisation.

From farmer’s son to boss of VSEL at the show industrialist Noel Davies revealed his delight at being that year’s President of the North Lonsdale Agricultural Society.

Speaking during the show, Mr Davies said: “I’m very proud to be president.

“I come from a farming family. I’m the first member of our family not to be a farmer.

“So it gives me an excellent opportunity for enjoying some of the things I remember from my younger days.”

Mr Davies, who was born in Shropshire, said it was a great day and he looked forward to enjoying the show with the people of Furness.

He spoke of his pleasure in succeeding last year’s president, Bill Tyson, a well-respected member of the farming community.

"It encourages everyone who lives in North Lonsdale to regard this show as their show," said Mr Davies.

He congratulated everyone taking part for the standard they achieved in the show.

"The turn-out of the animals, the skill of the riders, the artistry of the flower arrangements, the quality of the crafts and scrumptiousness of the produce and baking was outstanding by any standards."