A multi-agency rescue was launched after a man fell 30 feet from a notorious mountain ridge.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue was called to Helvellyn on Thursday, May 12 at 12.45pm after Cumbria Police received reports that a man in his fifties had sustained serious leg injuries after falling from the infamous summit approach known as Striding Edge.

Due to the location and seriousness of the injury, a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter with winching capabilities was summoned from Caernarfon.
The Great North Air Ambulance was also tasked with immediate medical care on board. 

Patterdale Mountain Rescue team members were deployed onto the fell and made their way onto Striding Edge, and as they were approaching the Red Tarn area, the Coastguard arrived on the scene and winched their paramedic down to the casualty site. 

The aircraft landed at Red Tarn and flew four team members up onto the ridge with ropes and technical equipment to make the area safe. 
Due to the steep terrain and the location of the casualty, a rope system was set up to haul the casualty back up onto the ridge where he was given medical treatment from the medical teams on the scene.

Due to the nature of the injuries, the casualty was stabilised and given pain relief before being winched and flown to a major trauma hospital for further treatment.  

Team Leader Mike Ripon said: "This was a difficult and technical rescue due to the location and nature of the man's injuries, and our thanks go to the Coastguard and Helimed 58 for their quick response."

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