RAVE reviews have come in following the ‘spectacular’ run of a new play spotlighting the mental health struggles of global icon, Marilyn Monroe.

Audience members have hailed the new play ‘One Night with Marilyn’ which was performed at The Forum in Barrow across two nights.

Produced and directed by Barrow-born Yvonne Patterson, the play follows Marilyn's experience at a psychiatric clinic and her struggle with mental health through her life.

Part of the worldwide Marilyn 60 Project which commemorates the life of the international icon Marilyn Monroe on the 60th Anniversary year of her death, this fascinating play with music focuses on little known events in her life, away from the cameras and fame.

The Mail:

Yvonne hopes the play has increased awareness on mental health struggles people may be going through behind closed doors.

She said: “I’m over the moon with my cast, we’ve worked really hard in a very short space of time to put this show together and I couldn’t be more happy with what we have achieved.

“And the music is lovely so it’s been a pleasure to work on that and sing too.

“We always knew it’s harder to sell a brand new show to the public, than a well-known blockbuster musical etc and obviously it’s been more of a struggle to sell tickets for an unknown show.

“But to hear the wonderful comments of those who have come is brilliant.

“And hopefully we have increased awareness on what unseen struggles people can be going through, and how, the stigma of mental health is slowly being eradicated and better help is available than when Marilyn Monroe went through her anguish back in the 1960s.

The Mail:

“All I can say is thank you to my wonderful cast and to PT Rose, the writer for having faith in us to tell his story. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Anthony Collins was among audience members who watched the play.

He said: “Well done to everyone in ‘One Night With Marilyn’ - a fantastic and brilliant performance and brilliant message about mental health.”

Katie Priss also praised the production and congratulated the cast for getting an ‘important’ message out there.

The Mail:

She said: “Amazing performances and really interesting getting a deeper look into Marilyn Monroe’s struggles with mental health.

“Congratulations cast and well done on getting such an important message out there.”