CLINTON Baptiste, as featured in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, will be joined by his arch psychic enemy Ramone from the massively popular Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast as he hits the stage in Barrow.

The show is billed as: "Clinton Baptiste is the notorious clairvoyant medium psychic who bravely tells the punters what the spirits are saying… whether the recipient is willing to hear the bald truth or not.

"Ramone is a Scottish soothsayer and spirit-channeller from the Caledonian cabaret circuit. His expertise in the dark arts is surpassed only in the dexterity of his cutting Glaswegian attitude.

"Their otherworldly skills have rightly attracted audiences all over the world, but now their very public spats are threatening to undermine them. Even the Parapsychological Institute of Great Britain feel that they are bringing the serious subject of Mediumship into disrepute.

"Repeated requests to desist the slander have fallen on deaf ears. Both claim to be the one true mystical seer.

"Buckle up for a battle of charisma, verbal one up-manship and hair raising paranormal wizardry as the two megastars meet to finally decide who holds the title as Britain’s Greatest Paranormalist."

The show will be at The Forum on October 25.

Visit: or call 01229 820000.