BARROW Council will be serving a ‘direction to move’ notice imminently after a group of travellers set up encampment in a new location without permission.

Members of the travelling community have been spotted setting up an encampment off Long Croft Road in Ormsgill after they were ordered to leave Mill Lane in Walney last week.

It is believed it is the same group of travellers who previously resided in Biggar Bank before they were ordered to move by Barrow Borough Council.

According to the council, the travellers arrived on land just off Biggar Bank Road on Sunday, April 3.

Public Protection Officers from Barrow Borough Council visited the site last month to carry out assessments.

The council announced that further legal action was being taken after the travellers refused to move off the site.

It is understood the same group of travellers then moved their mobile homes onto Mill Lane - prompting the council to take action.

A ‘direction to move’ notice was served to the group on April 25 which was not complied with, a spokesman for Barrow Borough Council said.

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The non-compliance was logged with Barrow Magistrates Court which was set to be heard on Wednesday.

The group of travellers were issued a ‘summons’ by the council to appear in court and an immediate eviction order is being sought.

However, it was withdrawn on the day the group was due to appear in court.

The group has since moved onto land in Ormsgill, prompting the council to prepare to serve another ‘direction to move’ notice.

A spokeswoman for Barrow Borough Council said the council was aware the group of travellers has moved onto land adjacent to Long Croft Road without permission and will be serving a ‘Direction to Leave Notice’ imminently. 

Further legal action will be taken if this notice is not complied with, a spokeswoman added.