BARROW Raiders has confirmed exciting plans for football lovers ahead of the World Cup this winter.

After a successful summer for the 2021 Euros, Barrow Raiders now plan to host a big screen party in a circus top marquee this November and December.

Chairman of Barrow Raiders Steve Neale said he was excited for the plans to get underway after a meeting with the Barrow council board members.

He said: “The council have been relatively supportive of the plans but said we just need to put measures in place so we aren’t causing a nuisance to the nearby neighbors such as making sure people leave by the gate by Tesco instead of near other residential areas and keeping the noise to a minimum.

“The plans aren’t finalised yet but the council is ok and we are starting to put these plans in place. We will be working with them through this journey and all the way until November/December when the football starts.

“There are no real objections at this stage. We will have to get prices for a circus top to hire but then we have to think about protecting the pitch and outside heating with that time of year.

“There are a few things to put in place so we are looking forward to it and hoping for big attendances

“We are looking at 1,200 for the attendances for the size of capacity with all tables out but, we could get more in without tables, we will to do the maths and figure it out. We have six months to get everything in place.”