On Friday, May 13, monuments, buildings and bridges across the region will be illuminated green to mark 20 years of the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) being an independent registered charity.

Since 2002, the charity has provided life-saving care to people across the North East, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and Cumbria.

It does not receive government funding and has to raise £6.7m a year through public donations to remain operational.

David Stockton, chief executive officer, said: “Over the last 20 years, our charity has evolved from humble beginnings to being a world-class leader in pre-hospital care.

“Thanks to the support of the public, we have been able to deliver care to approximately 23,500 people across the North, and we are proud to say we maintained an uninterrupted service during the pandemic.”

Landmarks being illuminated in the North West currently The Beacon and Candlestick Chimney in Whitehaven and Carlisle Civic Centre’s heart are being illuminated.

There are still opportunities for further landmarks to go green for GNAAS, and this can be arranged by contacting event coordinator Anita Economides.

Anita said: “We’ve got a fantastic range of landmarks being illuminated green to celebrate our 20th birthday, but we would love to spread the awareness of our charity even further by having more areas across the region going green. Alternatively, if you’re from a school or workplace, why not have a dress down day to raise funds and wear green for GNAAS.”

To discuss lighting up a landmark, bridge, monument or building contact Anita Economides by emailing anita.economides@gnaas.co.uk or phone 01325 487263.