READERS have had their say on the future of Barrow’s town centre as yet another retailer on the high street has announced it will soon cease trading.

Poundland will be at its Dalton Road store for just over two more weeks before it shuts its doors for the final time.

The store will close on May 3 after they were unable to renew the lease.

The company has stressed that the store on Hindpool Retail Park will remain open.

Anne Morris Coward said: “Sad. All these leases that can't be renewed! What's going on? Poundland does a lot of business in town, very popular. Thoughts to the staff who are great and wish them well.”

Eileen Macdonald said: “What's happening to the town? Are we going to end up a ghost town with one main employer and little else? A town full of old folk coz the kids have all moved on?”

Pauline Murphy said: “If we can't keep pound shop, there's not much hope for Barrow.”

George Barry said: “This is a great town if you want a hair dressers, takeaway, charity shop or just some were to dump your rubbish.”

Emi Ryder said: “Great, Barrow is becoming more of a ghost town.”

Sharon Bernadette Thompson said: “There’s nothing in this town and probably the same in any town, I’m moving to a log cabin by a lake away from all the doom and gloom. It’s a crying shame.”

Linda Lamont Crawford said: “We are going to end up with nothing at all!!”

Pat Shaw said: “Sad when £1 shop leaves town.”

Garry Glew said: “Can we have Woolworths back then?”

Becka Boo said; “Barrow is just gonna be a deserted place soon enough.”

Lynne Axford said: “Ghost town more and more shops closed down awful.”