A PARK has raised hundreds of pounds via an art auction and plans to use the funds to renovate a broken section of wall.

Ford Park, in Ulverston, held an online auction of pieces of art donated by brilliant local artists.

They also sold pieces in-person during an exhibition they held last month.

In the online section of the auction, just over £800 was raised this weekend.

A spokeswoman for the park said: "During the pandemic, this beautiful green space became a sanctuary for so many of us. It became a place to meet safely and reconnect with nature, and essential for our physical and mental well-being.

"In November, a section of the wall on the Woodland Trail collapsed. This wall borders St. Mary's Walk and is a popular pathway as it leads to Hoad.

"The damage is due to the age and weathering of the stonework and of course the recent storms and wet winter. But it's not just that part of the wall that needs repairing - almost 18 meters of wall needs strengthening to ensure the safety of the wall in the future.

"So Ford Park needs your help to raise funds to carry out the repairs on the wall.

"Every little helps. Thank you all for your support."