READERS have had their say after plans for removing remaining reptiles from a plot of land earmarked for a major development project in Barrow were revealed.

The brownfield site in Salthouse Road is to be the basis of the Marina Village project of regeneration and new housing.

According to planning documents, the area is home to 'high numbers' of common lizards and slow worms which need to be removed prior to the commencement of remedial work.

Considerable reptile removal from the site has already taken place, with 90 days spent moving them into a nearby conservation area in 2021.

'Habitat manipulation' is now set to be undertaken in which vegetation will be cut down 'to no more than 10cm above ground level' prior to further moving of cold-blooded species.

Lisa Ritch said: “They burrow quite deep below the surface to keep warm how has this even happened???

“It will take more than five working days in the summer to move lifetime of living reptiles, like I said, they won’t get them they will go further below the surface.”

Brenda Chadwick said: “It’s their home.”

Marion Brockbanks said: “My garden is full of both.”

Nosensenononsense said: “Surely there is a problem relocating 'high numbers' into an already populated area. For any species an area of land has a carrying capacity, this dependent on things such as available habitat and food source. If you suddenly introduce animals into an existing area at capacity, all that will happen is animals will be stressed by competition and likely starve, slowly, until the carrying capacity is again reached.”