A ROCK and Roll tribute duo starring two distinctive Texan musical influences will be performing at a Barrow theatre.

Marc Robinson will be playing Buddy Holly and Darren Page will be paying tribute to Roy Orbison at The Forum, Barrow on Sunday, April 24.

A performance through the decades of a distinctive Texan taste of Rock and Roll is promised.

Marc, who has been performing as a Buddy Holly tribute for 30 years, now said he has never looked back since.

He said: “When I first left school I was into rock and roll generally but Buddy Holly really struck a chord with me. Everything he chose to sing is written by other people and the stuff he wrote himself I felt that if I was that talented, that would be the kind of music I would have chosen to sing.

“I started performing shortly after I left school and joined a band with a couple of local friends and we started doing pubs and clubs around the area in Essex and people use to say I looked like Buddy Holly and sounded like him so I put the iconic glasses on and it started from there.

“I started doing the theatres and it was always great fun as the general public know what to expect. They buy the tickets to see Buddy Holly songs, they are there to see you perform as the tribute you are trying to emulate no matter who it is.”

The duo have been performing together for five years now alongside each other and their full band with no backing tracks - and are excited to return to The Forum, Barrow.

Marc said: “I was looking for a Roy Orbison and some friends recommended they’d seen this guy called Darren Page so I went along to see one of his shows and approached him and asked if he wanted to do shows with us and he jumped at the chance and never looked back.

“I’d probably say he’s one of the best in the world really but if you come to see him you will understand he really is amazing.

Darren Page and Marc Robinson, with their individual careers dedicated to Orbison and Holly respectively, have performed all over Great Britain and around the world. Now they come together to bring audiences an uplifting two hour show that will entertain them with all the hits, but with a few older and more modern tracks thrown in too.

To buy tickets visit: https://www.theforumbarrow.co.uk/event/through-the-decades-with-roy-orbison-buddy-holly/