A RESCUE team and their off-road vehicle is set to appear on a hit CBeebies show spotlighting incredible machines from across the world.

Cumbria Ore Mine Rescue Unit (COMRU) is set to appear in an episode of Grace's Amazing Machines next month.

Presented by adventurer Grace Webb, the series follows Grace as she shows viewers some of the biggest, fastest and most amazing machines in the world, usually ending up in the driving seat herself.

In an upcoming episode, Grace pays a visit to the COMRU base in Cumbria to take a look at the Mercedes Unimog.

This rugged off-road vehicle can carry a lot of equipment to locations may miles from the nearest road.

The show, which was filmed in January, also follows the team as they carry out a ‘fake’ rescue to show off some of their emergency skills.

Chris Jones, team leader of Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit, said the show is a great way to teach younger audiences about the work they carry out.

He said: “The show contacted us to take a look at our vehicles because we have two ‘mogs’ which are quite big vehicles.

“So the team came to us to try them out since the show is all about machines.

“The presenter, Grace, drives weird and wonderful machines and combines it with science.

“The show is aimed at younger kids and teaching them about machinery and science.

“We did a fake rescue underground to show off some of the work we do so hopefully that’s used when the show airs! In it, Grace helps carry a stretcher out a hole in the ground.

“It’s a great way to teach younger audiences and safety and the work we carry out.

“It gives children the chance to see the equipment we use.”

The episode is set to air on CBeebies at 4.15pm on May 25.