It is a great relief that Barrow’s shipyard builds submarines, according to readers.

It comes as a report claimed BAE Systems was at 'very great' risk of flooding in the near future.

Findings by the Nuclear Consulting Group suggest BAE's shipyard would be left 'profoundly vulnerable' to flooding from sea-level rises due to the impact of climate change.

It claimed the shipyard was among nine nuclear sites that are threatened by the possibility of increased rainfall and a rise in sea levels.

The report is based on models predicting sea levels in 2050 following the effects of climate change.

Dean Callow said: “Good job we build submarines then aint it.”

Kev Fox said: “Underwater diving services on Barrow Island will be able to operate their office underwater. The irony.”

Julie Jewels Vigus said: “Back in the late 60's early 70's the ‘science’ was saying there would be another ice age within 60 years. Wish they would make their minds up.”

Keith Hill said: “Lots of differing scientific words and views written and spoken on this subject. What's wrong today can be right tomorrow. No one, including scientists have knowledge of the world beyond this very minute. No one will ever know who is right until it's either happened or not happened. That's nature I'm afraid.”

Ange O'Halloran said: “Bill Gates has been banging on about climate change and rising sea levels for years, and yet recently he paid around $43,000,000 for a beach side mansion!! Yeah, whatever.”

Gill Jepson said: “Cognitive dissonance in abundance in Barra then? Anyone notice the scientific reports from the arctic/Antarctic recently? 20-30 per cent rise in temperature-unprecedented... but never mind eh? Lets watch Coro or Love Island instead!”

Furness Abbot said: “No problem here. Everything they build floats and/or works underwater.”

Stuckinthemiddles . said: “I hope these predictions come true, I've always wanted to live close to the beach. Sadly I suspect I'm going to be very disappointed.”