READERS have had their say after a woman has spoken about the moment an English bull terrier tried to ‘kill’ her dog while out on a walk in Barrow.

Helen Pearson, 61, was out with her dog, a West Highland Terrier called Jacob on Tuesday, around 11.30am-12pm, when disaster struck on Hartington Street.

A dog, believed to be a white English bull terrier latched onto Jacob, causing injuries to his face.

Helen also sustained six puncture wounds to her fingers during the attack.

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Gwen Fallon said: “Oh my God poor baby and owner it must have been so scary. My worst fear when I take my dog for a walk is a dog running up to him that's off the lead.

“Too many dogs off the lead lately, the other week it happened when I was walking my dog and a guy was riding his bike with his dog running beside it, I asked him to put his dog on a lead till we pass his answer was my dog's friendly I said yes my dog is but he doesn't like dogs running up to him when they are off the lead and he's on a lead.

“The guy still didn't put his dog on a lead and it ran up to my dog my dog gave a warning nip to his dog, then the guy had a go at me saying your dog should be muzzled, I really hope this poor dog is going to be okay.”

Jean Pritchard Fagan said: “Why do people have these sort of dogs - do they think they look hard or something, cos they just look like idiots.”

Susy Charlotte Scholes-Holborn said: “Not all bull terriers are bad, I have one and certainly isn’t to look hard.”

Gheko said: “How many times have I said, all dogs should be Muzzled, just recently It's been reported the dog that savaged a baby to death wasn't a dangerous breed. they are all capable. I'm waiting for ‘oh my Fido wouldn't do that’ brigade.”

Lara999 said: “A similar thing happened to my elderly cocker spaniel and my husband who were attacked by an Alsatian. The trauma is terrible. Best wishes to your little dog Jacob and I hope the offenders are taken off the streets as soon as possible.”