RESIDENTS have expressed their concerns as another Barrow veterinary centre will be ceasing out of hours care at the end of the month following a shortage of qualified staff.

IVC Evidensia, which operates Grove Veterinary Centre, Alexander and South Lakes vets, announced that, due to vet shortages, they can no longer provide the out of hours service at some of their South Cumbria practices.

The company has advised people to travel more than an hour to Carnforth for their nearest out of hours treatment option.

Alexander Vets were initially the only branch who announced that they were affected by the cuts.

However, in an email sent out to Grove Veterinary Centre customers - which was seen by The Mail - the Barrow practice revealed it will be passing overnight care to Carnforth Pet Care from March 31.

Helen Carter said: “Yes, I'm very concerned an hour is a long time if dog in pain our last dog was fitting was hard enough taking him barrow vets and other dogs scream when in pain or yelp imagine trying drive with that going on. Dogs could end up dying if people can't get to the vets and wait for local ones to open. I think in long term it asking for trouble and not fair on animals or owners. It needs something better in place.”

Lynne Morgan said: “Yes, I am concerned the lack of care for a service that’s supposed to care about animals is appalling. The hour or so to Carnforth could be the matter of life and death for a poor animal. I don’t have any transport which would make it difficult to get there.”

Amy Diane Richardson said: This is awful especially for people who don't drive and can't get all the way to Carnforth for out of hours. I'm with grove vets have been for years, so this is sad to read about.”

Linda Irvine said: “Had I realised this was going to happen I would have registered Joe with a different practice… I seriously think the powers that be have no real idea on the logistics of where we live!!! An emergency rota would be invaluable.”