CUMBRIA Police have shared footage of some of the worst examples of driving seen in the county.


The clips were sent to the police as part of Operation Snap, in which they implore the public to send them dashcam footage of bad drivers.

Operation Snap also includes:

  • Overtaking on solid white lines
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Failing to comply with traffic signals
  • Contravening traffic directions
  • Endangering other road users through poor driving

A spokeswoman for Cumbria Police said: “Making the roads of Cumbria safer is a key priority for us.

“Operation Snap enables officers to see the types of behaviour that go on when dangerous drivers feel they are not under the scrutiny of a Police Officer.  

“Op Snap allows the public to be our eyes and submit footage of road-related offences they see.

“Such incidents of dangerous overtakes, near misses and “road rage” can now be uploaded directly to officers and we can use this information to educate or prosecute drivers.

“If you think you’ve witnessed a traffic offence, or captured dashcam footage, we’d like to hear from you.”