READERS have had their say after planning permission was recommended for approval for a new Barrow takeaway.

The submission concerning a retail unit at 47 Crellin Street has been recommended for approval in a report by case officer Jennifer Dickinson.

She has, however, attached a number of conditions to her approval. The opening hours proposed by applicant Munur Kaya were midday to 3am but Ms Dickinson has advised the takeaway not be allowed to operate between midnight and 6am 'to protect the residential amenities of the area'.

The application, which is expected to create three full-time-equivalent jobs, would see the ground floor of number 47 converted into a takeaway.

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Twm Sion Catu said: “Let's hope it's passed, the town centre is desperately short of take away, sometimes you have to travel anything up to 20 yards to find one.”

The Observer said: “Barrow must smell like a takeaway.”

Caveman2020 said: “We already have too many takeaways. Takeaways are not a good way of looking after your health.”

Mr N Berry said: “Well if there's one thing Barrow does not need it's this. Don't you ever get fed up of granting these takeaway food places. That's what Barrow will become known for take away food. You’re never going to get unique little shops opening because all the empty places are now taken by food. Think again!!”

Ange O'Halloran said: “Someone needs to reopen Streetfood. Their Cumberland sausage hotdog was the bomb, and out of all the other takeaways we have not one of them does a Cumberland hotdog.”

Sylvia Stoker said: “Beats me how people can afford them these days.”

David Armstrong said: “Is this so we can become ‘Take away city’ when we get city status?”

Jack Arnold said: “We have been crying out for one. It's about time.”

Adam Cook said: “Awesome idea.”