THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to try out one of the nations favourite things - gravy.

But this wasn't any old gravy, it was southern fried chicken gravy from Iceland, and I just had to find out if it was anything like the famous gravy of KFC, which is something I really love.

It is a relatively new product. I bought it a few weeks ago but it was time to get it out of the freezer to try out alongside my southern fried chicken which was also bought at Iceland.

The gravy costs £1 and you get 350g with it, which it reckons is four servings.

It describes itself as chicken gravy made with cooked, battered chicken and chicken stock, and the ingredients lists that it has three per cent cooked, battered chicken.

It said for best results to do from frozen, but I opted to use the microwave which took seven and a half minutes, and I did the chicken in the air fryer.

To start with I took a teaspoon of the steaming hot gravy and gave it a taste.

It was peppery, salty, and definitely tasty. It tasted sort of how you would expect it to.

It was alright, it is definitely not like KFC gravy. It is not as tasty as KFC gravy but it was tasty nevertheless.

It was peppery, very peppery- but I like pepper.

It was not really chicken-y. It was just salt and peppery with a hint of chicken in the background. A real hint.

Next I decided to try it with one of my southern fried chicken drum sticks.

I made sure that the drum stick was absolutely covered in gravy. There was no messing about here.

Did it work? All I can say is YES.

That was really loved together, wow.

What a real marriage made in heaven - southern fried chicken drum sticks with southern fried chicken gravy.

You know what they say, it was really finger licking good.

The gravy was definitely better when had with the chicken, with the chicken it was absolutely spot on.

And for one pound you should definitely give it a whirl.

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