Mark Cooper says it’s time for actions not words when it comes to Barrow AFC’s form.

The Bluebirds host Stevenage this weekend hoping to rid themselves of the inconsistency that has dogged their season.

Barrow will be out to increase their five-point safety cushion when they take on Paul Tisdale’s side.

And the manager says he is sick of talking about what he hopes for from his players, only to see the team lapse into poor habits as seen at Hartlepool on Tuesday.

Cooper said: “We look as though we can go on a run, we have two or three games where we do well, and then we just fall off it again.

“It’s not like we’re chopping and changing the team, we’re trying to trust players.

“It’s too much talking – I’m asked the same things and I’m giving the same answers. It’s alright to talk about it, saying, ‘He’s going to do this or that’.

“It’s action. Just go and do it. That’s your job.

“If, for example, I’m a right wing-back playing against the opposition left-sided player, I’ve got to be better than him, and stop him doing what he wants to do, and come out on top.

“We’ve got to win more personal duels all over the pitch. If you do that, get seven or eight that do that, you win the game. If you don’t, if it’s five or six, it’s a toss of a coin. If you lose seven or eight you lose the game.”

Cooper said that way of thinking very much applies to the 19th v 17th contest at Holker Street.

“Every game in the country or the world this weekend will be decided on individual duals at every level of the game,” he said.

“Whatever team you pick…you can talk about tactics, formations, personnel…you’ve got to win your battle.

“If you do, and if you’re playing that well, you might be able to help your mate next to you as well. But to start with, win your battle.”

Cooper expects a stern test today against a Stevenage side who have picked up recently under Tisdale, but who have just one away win to their name so far in League Two.

“Tough, uncompromising and organised, I would say, if I had to describe them,” the AFC boss said.

“We have to be all of those three, and then try and play our football as well.

“[Tisdale’s] teams are always organised and have a method, a clear thinking of what they’re trying to do.

“Different situations require different solutions. He’ll have gone into Stevenage and his first aim is to get points to get them away from the bottom end of the league.

“However you do it you’ve got to do it. It probably won’t be his first choice way of doing things, but it’s what you have to do.”