READERS have shared their views after a bird rescue group asked businesses to think twice before calling pest control after a pigeon was killed inside a Barrow gym.

Bardsea Bird Sanctuary were approached by The Gym, a 24-hour-gym based at Cornerhouse Retail Park which recently opened in December, after a pigeon got trapped inside the building.

Two members of the sanctuary's Tweet Fleet, a group made up of volunteer rescuers, attended the premises on Tuesday to assess the situation, and claim it was arranged that they would return to the next day with the equipment that they needed to catch the bird alive.

Instead, The Gym Group informed them the next morning that external professional expertise had been sought.

A spokesperson for The Gym Group: “In the first instance we contacted the Bardsea Bird Sanctuary, who were unable to help on this occasion. We then sought external professional expertise who made several attempts to rescue the bird safely but were unable to do so.”

Readers shared their views on the issue.

Janice Braithwaite said: "They had it in there for over 24 hours they tried to catch it, put food out for it and opened doors. People were contacted to help but did not help and it was a professional that ended up coming trying to catch it and eventually due to the distressed state of the bird decided to end its misery, the gym had tried to remove it alive, cleaned up after it a number of times and had customers complaining, they did all they could."

Andy Dufrane said: "Should have paid its membership."

Dawn Mckellar said: "It's a pigeon, surely someone could've chased it out."

Elaine Ferguson said: "There's pigeons walk in and out of shops all the time, they soon walk out again that have made a mistake."

Cory Marshall said: "Too many bench presses."

Kurt Ibell said: "No different to laying down rat traps."

Furness Abbot said: "Vote with your feet and exercise elsewhere."

Desmond Sunflower said: "Actually makes me more confident that they take their hygiene seriously. Well done to them."