A CUMBRIAN contestant had the privilege of taking part in a national TV show.

Judith, from the Lake District, appeared on The Wheel, where contestants regularly win tens of thousands of pounds.

Her dream was to use the money to go to the Galapagos Islands.

Presenter of the show Michael McIntyre said: "When you tell people you are from the Lake District, do they automatically say 'beautiful'?"

"Yes, it's absolutely beautiful," she replied.

She was against Ryan, a graphic designer from Leeds, and Tash, a cognitive behavioural therapist from Oxford.

After getting a question about redheads correct, Ryan, the first contestant, fell when he said Jambalaya was made with pork intestines, rather than Chitterlings.

Next, Judith was up.

She chose football managers to start, for which Harry Redknapp was the expert.

The Mail:

However, the wheel landed on Chunkz.

"It's out of Roy Keane and Phil Neville," Chunkz said, to the question of which former footballer had never managed a Premier League team.

"I don't think Phil Neville has managed in the Premier League."

Judith replied: "I think Roy Keane has, so I'm going to go with you and say Phil Neville."

It was correct and with the prize pot at £6,000, Judith next chose food.

"I think Harry might be one who enjoys a good meal, but not the one who knows much about making it," she said while shutting him down.

"You are dead right, spot on!" he chuckled.

The wheel was tantalsiingly close to landing on chef Andi Oliver, but settled on Tom Read Wilson.

They correctly ascertained that soy milk is used to make tofu.

The Mail:

Her next category was words, for which she needed to decide which abrreviation was first recorded in a 1917 letter to Winston Churchilll: LOL; OMG; TLDR; or YOLO.

After much deliberation with Carol Vorderman, neither knew the meaning of TLDR (Too long, didn't read), which Judith eventually picked.

Unfortunately, OMG was the correct answer.

The Mail:

Both Tash and Ryan were called back up more than once but we were sadly not to see Judith again for the rest of the show.

Ryan eventually won £33,000.