THE DECISION to create a Covid-19 memorial garden in Barrow has proved controversial.

The project remains in the early stages - but Barrow Park has been earmarked as the probable location for the scheme.

It is to be a joint project between the borough council and Cumbria County Council.

Some readers welcomed the project.

Lori Robinson said: "Respectable thing to do."

Lynn Andrew Currie said: "How lovely and respectable to those that have passed."

Sharon Smith said: "I think it is a lovely idea."

Sidney Bouvier said: "Memorial gardens are very nice but if you're going to do a memory thing could you make it interesting and colourful. Perhaps with cool lighting and water so people could enjoy it in the summer."

Jonny Jockstrap said: "Lovely idea. Will add the the park and help us remember those who have passed."

Despite the praise from some residents, others thought it was unnecessary or would end up vandalised.

Channy Louise said: "Lovely idea but we all know they are going to end up vandalised by some kids in the park."

Joanna Noël Nyxie Bentley said: "We've lost someone but personally do not feel the need to go to a park to remember them. I would find that quite depressing and wouldn't expect the tax payer to fund it. Perhaps a memorial bench would be suffice or a fountain. I'm sure the money could be better used to help the living to be honest."

Stephen Snell said: "Not in the park its not safe with vandals smashing up everything nice."

Ron Davies said: "Why not in Dalton you usually give planning out with no probs."

Anna Shepherd said: "What about all the people that died from the legionnaires where's their memorial garden at?"

Imogen Rose Duke-Birkett said: "Why???? Hundreds have died from flu, cancer, many things no memorial for them."