A LOCAL zoo is offering free entry to anyone who makes a small donation to an animal sanctuary.

South Lakes Safari Zoo say that making a £5 donation to the South African Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary will gain entry for them and up to four children.

This can be done through the zoo's website.

This plea comes after a young rhino named Daisy has been in intensive care in the South African sanctuary.

On December 9, 2021, 12-hour-old Daisy was admitted, unable to stand having received no colostrum from her mum.

They say: "Daisy is still very vulnerable, there is a long, hard road ahead so we want to show Daisy and her caregivers some love in true Safari Zoo style. So, this coming weekend, the 8th or 9th January 2022, admission to Safari zoo will be free for every adult who donates a minimum of £5 to the Doin' it for Daisy fund - 100% of which will be sent to the amazing Care for Wild team.

"Admission for up to 4 accompanying children will be free of charge.

"If you can’t visit but still want to show this little fighter some love visit our Daisy page where you can make a donation, purchase an adoption or selected rhino merch - the proceeds from which will all be sent to care for wild for Daisy’s fund."

The young rhino's umbilical cord was still attached, she was incredibly weak and extremely vulnerable.

Named Daisy by her human caregivers, she is receiving round-the-clock care, battling off infections, and has even undergone plasma transfusions - all within her first 23 days of life.

The South African team are working tirelessly with hourly feeds and constant caregiving.

According to the zoo, in the first two weeks of December 2021 alone, poachers are known to have killed 24 rhinos in South Africa.

A donation to the sanctuary via the zoo's website can be made here.