Rules on mask-wearing should be more tightly enforced if they are to be obeyed.

This is following the concern of a father after he said his son had seen few passengers on a train to Manchester wearing a mask, a legal requirement.

Lee Herron said: "Travelling back from Manchester with my daughters and grandparents - some wearing masks including myself, but most weren't.

"The train was that crammed to the point that we couldn't move, one person feeling sick and passing out, no circulated air, very hard to breath with masks on.

"Doesn't surprise me that people are not following the rules if Northern can't make the journey safe to travel."

Sue Knowles said: "I travel on these trains and he is right.

"I wear a mask to travel to work as I'm a support worker, a lot of people don't wear masks and some look you like you are a freak."

Kathy Bartlett said: "Pure selfishness. It’s also foolish, as cases are rising again."

Doreen Bibby said: "Sad to see the rules not being followed and some passengers showing no concern for others. No guards to remind people about face coverings or vaping.

Antöny Statham said: "You can't challenge it, so I'm not surprised. Go to any other country and it's a rule people get fined for breaking.

"We seem to adopt this soft approach here."

Of course, not everyone thinks there should be rules in place mandating face coverings.

Nicola Smith said: "People need to look after themselves, if you want to wear a mask wear one, if you don't then don't - simple."

Responding, Northern said it was reminding passengers that face coverings are required.

"We are reminding customers these are mandatory on our services using online posts, station posters and onboard announcements," a spokesman said.