POLICE have sent a fresh warning after seeing a 'surge' in anti-social e-scooter riding.

Officers in the county have warned that electric scooters being ridden on any public highway will be seized - and riders can expect to end up in court.

E-scooters are illegal to use on roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, bridleways, or byways.

The only legal place these privately purchased scooters can be ridden is on private land with the owner's consent.

While the use of rented e-scooters is now legal in some parts of the UK via Government trials, Cumbria Police are reminding people that it remains illegal to ride a privately owned one in any public place in the UK.

Police say that e-scooters are also potentially dangerous to riders and other members of the public with some reaching speeds of more than 30mph.

The scooters are classed as a powered transporter and come under the same legislation as motor vehicles - that means you need a licence and insurance to ride them.

They also need to be registered to be ridden on the road and are subject to technical standards such as MOT and vehicle tax.

Concerns over e-scooters have been raised all over the county.

Sergeant Craig Hynes from Cumbria Police's Mobile Support Group said: “We have seen a surge of anti-social behaviour involving these scooters and we are actively enforcing legislation - please be warned that if you are found riding an E-scooter on a road, footpath, bridleway, or byway we will be seizing the scooter and reporting you for offences, ultimately resulting in penalty points on your driving licence, driving disqualification and or fines.

"Any person who uses an electrical scooter, powered transporter on a public road or other prohibited space as listed above in breach of the law will be committing a criminal offence, therefore can be prosecuted as well having the scooter seized under road traffic legislation.

“I would urge anyone who is considering buying an e-scooter for themselves or for their children to think again unless you have private land in which you can use them.

“Please help keep yourselves and out communities safe."