READERS have had their say after another difficult year for traders in Barrow who continue to feel the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mail looked back at the stores that have left us in 2021, and those who have announced their impending departure from Barrow.

They include Poundstretcher, The Plastic Man Limited Company, Debenhams, Yungnien, WHSmith and the Body Shop.

Janet Moore said: "Sure council be happy to see lots of new apartments in the town centre for all the contractors who go back home to spend their money."

The Observer said: "My town is booming, why is this, free parking. You can happily shop without worrying that the second hand on your watch and parking attendants watch is seconds away from a ticket, plus don't have to pay car park attendants."

Jimbo’s said: "On the upside...... Barrow gained 38 takeaways and 14 charity shops."

Junction 36 said: "Should be re-named Portland Crawl."

Gheko said: "Dead, but not yet buried."

BigDave91 said: "It's the same with every town. With large out of town retail parks and online shopping, town centre high streets are sounding their death knell. Councils need to ditch the high street retail model and rethink of ways to rejuvenate their town centres."

We asked readers which businesses they miss the most from the town centre.

Lynn Andrews said: "I’ve missed Debenhams this year.

"I go through to M&S but not everyone can."

Dianne Ramsay said: "All of them at different times of the year."

Angela McIlvogue said: "Debenhams."

Jean Wilson said: "Debenhams and Marks and Spencer."

Seamus Doran said: "None of them." Vera Langhorn said: "Really miss Debenhams."

Alexa Baines said: "River Island."

Mark Starling said: "Yungnien."

Tony Moon said: "Just shop in Ulverston, far better than Barrow."

Patricia Farnen Parks said: "Definitely Debenhams."