MIXED views have been shared by readers as daily reported Covid cases hit a new high last week.

The highest number of lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases had been recorded in the UK as of 9am on Wednesday, December 22.

It was the first time the daily reported coronavirus cases had risen above 100,000.

The Government said a further 140 people had died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19.

Some readers questioned what new measures Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be introducing to slow the spread of the virus, whilst others showed little concern for the spread.

Sue Calvert said: "So Boris .....What new measures then. Better late than never?????"

Tony Moon said: "What do you expect when Supermarkets are packed and very little mask wearing."

Emma Gibney said: "Just in time for the January lock down."

Helen Smith said: "Out of 67 million people?" Kieron Rollins said: "VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY MILD."

Alan Davis said: "We need to remember these are the number of positive tests and not the number of people who are ill... Most positive tests show no ill effects at all."

nosensenononsense said: "Are you sure? 'Ill' being those with symptoms?

"Just with the symptomatic cases being double the asymptomatic, it would take some skewed sampling to come up with 'more positive test show no ill effects'."

Scintilating Dave said: "If you test positive, you have covid, therefore it is a case, whether you are ill with it or not. No good saying you know better about the test methods, I'm afraid without being qualified your opinion comes to nowt."

Jimbo’s said: "Do people still get colds or have they gone out of fashion?"

Scintilating Dave said: "I've got a cold, but don't worry fans, I'm ok."