READERS have had their say on potential Covid-19 restrictions as a health boss revealed that there have been no considerations of a Covid circuit breaker lockdown in Cumbria so far.

Director of public health for Cumbria Colin Cox is aware there are considerations of a circuit breaker elsewhere in the country but states "there has been no discussions locally" on the matter.

Mr Cox explained that the new Omicron variant is now 50 per cent of all identified cases across the county but believes the vaccine booster programme has responded "amazingly".

Brian Phillips Kt said: "I think we should have a three week lockdown and a strict lockdown should be a good amount of time to be a circuit breaker." Terry Hulme said: "So we have to follow the rules they set out? Yet they fail to do themselves well others could not visit dying relatives? .."

Alex Rayment said: "Due to the explosion of Covid hospitalisations in the next few weeks if you get seriously ill or have an accident from any cause you may not get the health care you need, the ambulance may not come....unless enough people change behaviours or are supported and mandated to by Government to reduce covid cases."

Sue Furness said: "I think we need to just live with this disease, just like we live with flu every year, can’t keep locking us down when BJ thinks it suits."

Amanda Jayne Armstrong said: "What is point of lockdown ok numbers will go down but open back up numbers will go back up its always going be like that. All its doing is putting more and more and more small business out as they can not afford to reopen."

Lorraine Huddart said: "What happened to ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’. Pathetic."

Mark Williams said: "Definition of insanity. Keep doing the same thing and expect different results."

Phil Rhodes said: "Won't work , because as soon as it's over and people start mingling again the virus will spread just as it is now." Christine Holmes said: "Why bother, nothing has worked so far."