READERS have shared mixed views after one school remained open this week.

Furness Academy in Barrow has been welcoming people through the doors to receive their Covid vaccinations.

The vaccine clinic at the school in Park Drive opened Monday.

The school will be open again today from 10am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 4pm.

Some readers welcomed the pop-up vaccine clinic and shared their experience of visiting, while others felt it was unnecessary to be vaccinated at all.

Joanne Brand said: "Just been there for my booster, very efficient."

LogicN said: "Good, the sooner people get their booster, the better. Keep protection as high as possible as soon as possible, so restrictions end sooner rather than later. It has never been claimed that the vaccine would stop transmission, but it reduces transmission, hospitalisations and deaths."

Peter Sullivan said: "Only the elderly and the vulnerable require vaccination. Covid is not a serious risk to others, and doesn't usually result in hospitalisation.

"Those who have been vaccinated can still spread Covid, even if they have no symptoms.

"Not sure why people don't understand this basic fact about vaccines. Even the flu vaccines doesn't stop transmission. At least that's what most of the research says."

Responding to Peter Sullivan, nosensenononsense said: "Without the protection and mitigation of symptoms the vaccines are responsible for, the numbers get too big to provide care for. Even with the vaccines Omicron may yet cause this issue.

"To be correct, you missed 'some' of those vaccinated. If you take those immune due to vaccine out of the equation the number gets a lot smaller. Plus the vaccinated clear the virus more rapidly, so transmission is vastly reduced.

"Not sure why you don't understand the basic fact about numbers. The more who are protected by vaccines, the less infectious there are about, thereby reducing transmission, cases and deaths.

Isn't that what it's about?"