PARTYGOERS are concerned after a popular night club issued it's Covid passport procedures before the Christmas antics.

The owners of Manhattan's nightclub on Cavendish Street, Barrow, who also own Hollywood, Broadway and Theatre Bar on the same street, have announced their plans for checking attendees Covid passport.

Ahead of the Christmas period and Black Friday, a spokesman from Manhattan's said: "Following this week's new government guidelines that a Covid passport has to be used for venues opening beyond 1am we have to now check everyone's status upon entry.

Lynn Morgan said: "Pointless they are a waste of time and effort, doesn't mean you can't spread if you had vaccine, it will only lose them custom."

Matthew Murray said: "As if bouncers don’t get enough grief as it is. This is unenforceable nonsense."

David Egerton said: "Wouldn’t like to be a bouncer working this weekend.

"Ultimately, if it helps prevent the spread of a highly infectious disease then it should be considered a good move but I can see it upsetting some folk."

James Probert said: "Wasn't a nice atmosphere like. Can see it just causing more hassle than it solves."

Chelsey Geddes said: "They’ll all end up going bust, because nobody will go."

Stephen Milky Clarke said: "I was out last night and most night clubs are asking for covid pass now."

Anthony Perkins said: "Bouncers are gonna get abused and possibly assaulted over this measure, I can see the friction it's going to potentially cause."

Jason Wakeman said: "How simple is it? The vaccine does not stop people catching it. It is your choice in life to come and go as you please. This is the beginning of an Evil world agenda."

Pam Edmondson said: "If only the country had a responsible government that would act properly and close large events and gatherings."

Sarah Tinker Palfreyman said: "Most awkward thing ever."

Charli Leigh Morrison said: "Horrendous never again."

DrewPeacock said:"If I was the owner I would shut 3 of them before 1 o'clock and not have to ask for people's medical information. They would get a lot more business for sure."