READERS have had their say after calls have been made to upgrade CCTV at Barrow Park following an increase in incidents including serious assaults.

Iain Mooney, Barrow Borough Councillor for the Parkside ward, is appealing for funds to be allocated for security cameras in Barrow Park.

It comes after a number of incidents including vandalism of the park's cenotaph with a Nazi swastika and a homophobic message in May.

A woman was also reported to have been sexually assaulted there in the same month, and a teenager was taken to hospital with head injuries following an alleged assault.

Sarah Armstrong said: "I totally agree and people will start to feel safer."

Christine Barnes said: "I cannot understand why the park would stay open after dark surely closing it before dark would help. I know the gates get closed earlier in winter but obviously not early enough." Neil Martindale said: "They don't get closed anymore." Vicki Higham said: "There's no point in closing it up, the kids used to just jump the walls or gates. Just results in damaged gates." Neil Probert said: "Physical patrols by either the police or council staff would be far more effective than CCTV."

Angus MeCoatup. said: "I think the graffiti was more anti than phobic. I'm sure the person who carried it out didn't have a fear of homosexuals." Bob Down said: "CCTV will only have a minimal impact. The current park warden can`t even get dog owners to put their dogs on leads, never mind have an impact on the anti-social behavior or drug dealing and assaults.

"Needs the council to manage the place properly. It`s not locked at night anymore, the warden has no proper law enforcement back-up, loose dogs and dog poop all over, broken bottles and drug paraphernalia strewn all over the place every morning.

"Really needs a strong message through convictions. Proper physical police and council office presence could, if managed properly, succeed in making a difference.

"I don`t think CCTV is the answer to the problems for this particular area..."