THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, tried out an Indian takeaway and restaurant which offers specialist dishes.

The restaurant is called The Dhaba and it is based on Dalton Road in Barrow.

The Dhaba offers the usual Indian dishes that you would expect, but they also offer specialist Nepalese dishes.

For myself I ordered a mixed tandoori balti that was £7.75, and I ordered it extra hot.

My good lady ordered the chicken Kathmandu- that's a Nepalese speciality at £7.50.

We also ordered a special pilau rice and a keema and garlic naan.

It came to £19.36 all together, and that is with 10 per cent off special offer.

First to be tastet tasted was the chicken Kathmandu.

It is basically a cream sauce with cinnamon, cardamom and bay leaf.

At first I just tasted the sauce. It was mild and very creamy, that was gorgeous, wow!

The sauce was really lovely.

The chicken was orange and it tasted beautiful. It just fell apart in my mouth.

Next up was the mixed tandoori balti (extra hot!).

Upon opening the tub it looked mighty good and it was full to the brim which is always a good sign.

Being honest, you could tell it was going to be very hot and spicy just by looking at it.

Wow - it was hot.

I could really feel the heat on the back of my pallet - it even burnt the back of my throat - but it was beautiful.

The flavour is layered, the spices are layered. It's not just one massive spice, it is complex, it is lovely!

There was so much chicken in the tub too, and they were huge pieces at that.

That dish was just delicious.

It was fantastic, that was a real sensation in the mouth. Heaven.

The sauce is quite sweet as well, it was good that.

The keema and garlic naan didn't disappoint either.

You really get the garlic through, its really garlicky.

I love garlic as well, and my good lady loves it too. I can't fault it.

The keema is lovely, the bread is soft and the garlic is strong and punchy which is what you want - or at least, it's what I want.

It's lovely and well seasoned, it's absolutely delicious.

The special pilau rice had some healthy vegetables in there which is good.

It was a good portion as well, the tub was full and the rice was soft and well seasoned. Tasty.

I cannot fault this meal whatsoever, it's beautiful it really is. The only fault is that I haven't ordered enough - and that's my own fault!

To place an order at The Dhaba, you can call them on: 01229 343480

Alternatively, you can order by using takeaway app Barrow Eats.

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