THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to try out a restaurant that is popular among Barrovians.

I called up Kapadokya, a lovely Turkish restaurant based at 9 Dalton Road, and ordered the Kapadokya grill.

This included a selection of lamb shish, chicken shish, adana, kofta and wings - grilled over charcoal.

You got rice and a salad too.

This meal set me back £17.10.

When I phoned them up they were really prompt with the service and they told me to come on down in 15 minutes time.

I went down and as soon as I opened the door they shouted by name and it was really good service which is always a good start.

When I got hom e the food was still really hot, you could see the steam coming off it.

I wasn’t sure where to start - I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

In the meal there was four wings, lots of chicken and lamb and two koftas.

The first thing I tried was the kofta. You get a lot of the taste of herbs coming through, and it was well seasoned too.

Lamb can be chewy can’t it but that was lovely and not chewy at all - it just fell apart in my mouth and it was well seasoned.

It wasn’t tough at all, it was just gorgeous.

The adana also just fell apart, it was greasy and tasty - and when I say that it was greasy, I mean that I want it greasy, I want it tasty, I want it fatty and I want it lamby.

It was lovely.

The next thing I tried was the chicken wing and it was lovely. It really was delicious.

This was followed by the chicken shish.

The marinade that was on that chicken was lovely - I was getting all that lemon through and it was absolutely spot on.

I also had two dipping sauces - chilli sauce and garlic sauce.

The chilli was lovely with a creamy consistency, it gave off a lot of heat at the back of the palette too. It was beautiful.

The garlic sauce was also great - it was creamy, yoghurty and garlicy.

The next to be tasted was the salad - I’m not a salad dodger.

It was really nice and the taste complimented the rest of the food.

All of the food from Kapadokya was lovely, I would definitely recommend this if you haven’t already tried it.

The restaurant is very popular in Barrow and I can see why, it was really really good.

To place an order at Kapadokya, you can call them on: 01229 824848

Alternatively, you can order by using takeaway app Barrow Eats.

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