READERS have shown their concern ahead of a statue made up of 100,000 seized knives being on display in Barrow.

The statue, called The Knife Angel, will be going on display in Barrow in the New Year.

The Knife Angel will be on display in Cumbria for the next two months - first in Carlisle in December 2021 and then in Barrow in January 2022.

The sculpture was created by the British Ironworks Centre to highlight the negative effects of violent behaviour and will be hosted in Carlisle’s city centre pedestrianised area.

Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Police, Carlisle City Council and Barrow Borough Council have worked to bring the unique artwork to the county, however, The Mail readers aren't convinced that the statue is going to be leaving Barrow in one piece.

Ange O'Halloran said: "Hope they're glued on tight otherwise half of them will go missing."

Emma Holdforth said: "It survived in Liverpool, so I’m sure it should survive in Barrow."

Chris Ytd said: "If they do its more for show in Barrow, about every five years about someone will use one, compared to other places that's excellent.

"Why bring it to Barrow though, cant see the point, we are hardly a dangerous place."

Dan Shakespeare said: "Terrible idea.... that's that going missing and getting weighed in at the scrapyard." Kimberley Whitby said: "Hope they re count them before it leaves again."

Peter Liney said: "Don’t blink."

Simon Kenny said: "Why?"