DUE to the adverse weather, especially the high winds, some communities have experienced power outages.

Electricity North West have extensive resources deployed to get all communities back on grid as quickly as possible, some properties will remain without power overnight, Those vulnerable people effected should be contacted directly.

A spokesman for Cumrbia Police said: "Communities’ cut-off by the adverse weather have been prioritised, as have vulnerable people.

"Provisions have been provided to many individuals, and provisions and supplies are being coordinated.

"The public are requested to kindly check on vulnerable people in their communities if it is safe to do so; if you are aware of an individual who is vulnerable, please check on them and support them, make sure they have the right medication and provisions.

"If they do require medications or care, please contact their care provider as soon as you are able.

"If they are without power, please contact Electricity North West on 105. Always dial 999 in an emergency."

Power outages may also affect petrol stations. Drivers are asked to be mindful of this when they plan their journey.