TWO Barrow musicians and songwriters have written a new song and had an old one re-recorded with a 1960s pop star.

Dave McGerty, former keyboard player for Barrow band Chapter Five, collaborated with his son, Dave Jr, on the new song.

They travelled to The Music Farm Studio in Egremont to record two songs with Dave Berry.

The singer is known for his songs This Strange Effect, The Crying Game and the 1965 hit Little Things.

Mr McGerty said: "Me and my son wrote the song with Dave in mind.

"We sent it off to him and he loved it, so travelled up to record it.

"I know Dave well, but we didn't approach him in advance. We thought we'd write it and see what he thought.

"He's 79 but his voice is still incredible."

The two first met in the 1960s, when they were both making popular music.

Now, Mr McGerty has been married to his wife, Dorothy, for 55 years with two grown up children, David & Tania, and one granddaughter, Emily.

He currently co-writes with both his son, Dave Jr and his daughter Tania.

The songs, 'Yesterday's Sunshine' and 'The One That Got Away', are due for release in early 2022, once the instrumental parts of the track have been sorted.

This entails the string and bass section of the track, as well as backing vocals.

Tom Tyson, from The Music Farm Studio, said: "We had a basic backing tracks already made for him to sing to, and he didn’t take very long because he’s a pro.

"He’s still got the voice. He might be knocking on a bit but he can really deliver.

"He was very easy to work with. I think in about two hours we cracked it, it was all done.

"So it’ll be a few weeks before we finish it but we’ve got his vocal down which is the main thing."