GET your skates on for the arrival of a town's first ever ice rink this December.

Excitement is building as an indoor ice rink - set with a snow machine and disco lights - is scheduled to come to Millom this Christmas.

The synthetic ice skating rink will be placed in Millom Recreation Centre on Thursday December 23 from 2.30pm until 8pm for all to enjoy.

Jointly-funded through the recreation centre and the Government's holiday activities and food (HAF), the ice rink is the first of its kind to arrive in Millom.

Tracy Kirk, manager of Millom Recreation Centre, said: "This is something we've always wanted to do and looked into in past years.

"Given the circumstances of the past few years, we wanted to do something special for the community which makes Christmas feel even more festive.

"People have had such a tough time with the pandemic, we thought it would be nice to put something special on for the town.

"We're also hoping to get some local businesses to set up tables in the hall so we can create a Christmas market feel.

"This is the first ice rink to come to Millom, as far as I know, so it's really exciting.

"And it's selling out fast. We've already had 250 bookings since we announced the ice rink would be coming.

"The recreation centre is like the hub of the town - it's the main community building which people use and the arrival of the ice rink is something we're all looking forward to."

If you would like to book your place on the ice rink, visit:

Each session is 30 minutes and is £7.50 per skater - available for both adults and children to book online.

Details are also available on the website to book a table in the hall to sell items.