A builder from Barrow died ‘tragically’ after falling down the stairs, an inquest heard.

Michael Price - dubbed 'a big kid at heart' - died on March 13 in hospital after suffering head trauma from falling down the stairs at a friend’s home, The Coroner’s Court in Cockermouth was told.

The father-of-one had been at his friend Billy’s house on Kent Street after work for drinks when his friend heard a thud. When his friend went to see what had happened, he found the 37-year-old on the floor at the foot of the stairs unresponsive.

Paramedics were called on March 4 and arrived just after 7.30pm and took him to hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Helen Price, his mother, gave a statement read to the court. It said: “He was a much-loved son, brother and uncle of many.

“If you were part of his life then he would love you unconditionally.

“His little boy would want for nothing.

“He was always putting a smile on people’s faces and was a big kid at heart.”

Mrs Price, who was present at the inquest, gave thanks to all those who helped her son during the last stages of his life.

The paramedics who attended the scene said he remained unresponsive during their care - this remained a constant during his time at Furness General Hospital.

Dr Till, a consultant at Furness General explained that a CT scan revealed a severe head injury which led to him being diagnosed as ‘brain stem dead’. His family agreed for his organs to be donated.

The pathologist said in a summary that he had an unwitnessed fall from which he had a head injury.

The cause of death was given as subdural haemorrhage, with the contributing factor being a traumatic head injury.

A toxicology report showed that the Montague Street resident had alcohol in his system at the time of death, 230 milligrams per decilitre. Toxicologist Philippa Wood that 'consideration should be given that this may have led to being a contributor to a fall'.

The coroner accepted all the evidence given to her in her summary and gave her condolences to the family on the 'tragic' death of Mr Price.

Concluding, area coroner Ms Kirsty Gomersal said: "He was a father of a little boy who would want for nothing and was his one true love.

“His death was due to a tragic accident.”