READERS wished refugees from Afghanistan well after they were welcomed on board one of Windermere Lake Cruises’ vessels as part of Mitzvah Day.

The international, interfaith event is a special Jewish-led community day of social action, bringing together groups of people from all walks of life and local events were hosted in Hawkshead on Sunday, November 21.

Organisers worked with local attractions including Windermere Lake Cruises – and local communities – to give Cumbria’s newest residents the cruise experience as part of a weekend of relaxation and enjoyment.

John Williams said: “It makes me happy to see the environment where they are now living in .

“Well done for organising this event.”

James McGregor said: “After coming from Afghanistan its a kind gesture and I'm sure they all appreciated it.”

Joanna Coleman said: “Well done to all involved in getting this trip organised. Great to hear about them enjoying a nice day out after everything they’ve been through. Such a shame that there are so many negative comments!”

Charlie Dowthwaite said: “It is so nice to see that these refugees are being looked after and taken on a day out on the lake.

“Refugees have fled wars in Afghanistan & Syria which is why I welcome them with open arms.

“Most refugees at present are going through a horrible time with running the risk of drowning & being physically beaten by border patrol guards.

“I say it loud and I say it clear-refugees are welcome here.”

Joseph Murphy said: “I hope they all had a great day out.”