A WORLD famous prankster has spoken about his tour ahead of his visit to a South Cumbrian Town.

Simon Brodkin, also known as his character Lee Nelson, enjoyed huge success with BBC series Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show and Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People.

Having upstaged Kanye West on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury and handed Theresa May her P45 during her Conservative Party Conference speech, the comedian is now preparing for a performance in Millom.

Speaking with The Mail, Simon said: "The tour is going down an absolute treat which is obviously really, really cool. It’s the first show that I've done out of character, as myself, so that’s really exciting for me and it's been really chiming with people that have been coming along."

The comedian explained how he felt the time was right to head the show as himself rather than popular character, Lee. He said: "I think that Lee was amazing. It just felt like he's had a great innings and plus the shorts no longer fitted me!

"There's a whole section of the show about how bad men are at communicating, and will put on a front. And I think there was quite a bit of that going on with the characters that I was doing, because you feel more vulnerable when you come out in front of real people and say what you really think.

"I think there was always a buzz when I got on the stage as Lee when I was all over the telly, because it's always exciting to see someone that you’ve been watching in your living room. But the response at the end of these shows feels more like I'm connected with people.

"They have loved hearing stories from my real life and stories from the stunts - what happens once the FBI gets hold of you, what the metropolitan police do with you and confusion when they think you're a member of ISIS in Germany, which is what happened after the VW stunt, but also when you’ve opened up about your own genuine feelings and thoughts!"

When asked if he would be sightseeing around Cumbria, Lee said: "Coming from two children who already don’t see enough of me, there's a slight pressure to not leave too early in the day to get there with too many hours spare, but the area is stunning!"

Simon Brodkin’s extended tour ‘Troublemaker’ will be heading to The Beggar’s Theatre on December 11. Visit: simonbrodkin.com