ANGER has been expressed after a piece of land was put up for sale.

The land has been put up for sale for one million pounds and is located in Ulverston.

The land is on sale from Fisher Wrathall Commercial.

Located at the Building Land off Pennington Lane, Cross-A-Moor, in Swarthmoor, has outline planning permission for the erection of 27 dwellings, including 35% affordable provision, public open space and associated infrastructure.

The overall site area has an estimated 1.3 hectares.

Ann Osborne said: "Sad to see destruction of good agricultural land."

Paul Newby said: "Here we go again. Building on green land for short term gain. What part of reducing emissions can our narrow minded leaders not understand. 27% carbon increase over the last 50 years due to building and destruction of natural land alone."

Sam Row replied: "The narrow-minded leaders can't really win as they have a national housing shortage to contend with as well."

Hartley Stu said: "Yet the tax payer is paying £10m to build a roundabout so they and others can be built. What do we get back?

"Major housebuilding companies aim for 40% of the sale price for building the house. That is the reason housing developments are pushed through even though they are refused at a local level.

"Extortionate profit for infrastructure we pay for. Some towns and villages in Cumbria are getting housing forced on them yet don't have the infrastructure to support it. How about developers shoulder some of the cost?"

Mikey Wilkinson responded: "We get better road infrastructure, more housing and the tax from the sale of the new properties, which goes into the economy."

Sarah Hill agreed.

She said: "Pretty sure the people buying the houses and building them will more than likely be taxpaying people."

The application number is SL/2017/0681 dated February 8 2019 through South Lakeland District Council.

For information call 01524 930017.