As I write this, I’m currently recovering from a second operation to repair a broken ankle, and leg. There are currently more screws in my leg than my garden shed! However, I want to give my sincere thanks to our amazing NHS for the way they’ve looked after me

Being laid up in a soft cast means that for yet another week I can’t be as active in the community as I would like. However, thanks to online meetings my weekly advice surgeries are able to continue.

This week, I have been able to hold meetings with community groups, Ministers, and colleagues to continue to represent you and your family across Parliament.

Looking ahead to next week, I have arranged a series of meetings to bring people together to tackle some local issues.

For example, I’ve called a meeting of local people, councillors, and stakeholders to discuss the Barclays Bank closure in Ulverston. Hundreds of people completed my survey and the overwhelming feeling is that local people in Ulverston would like the cash machine, and at least some local services to remain. As well as Barclays being in attendance, I have invited the local Post Office and other banks and building societies so that people know what their options are for local banking going forward. If you’re affected by the branch closure and would like to attend my virtual meeting on Wednesday, please call my office on 01229 314 220.

Football isn’t a subject I know a lot about. However, I do know that our community care greatly about the sport, and my mailbag is full of complaints about the lack of 3G pitches in Barrow. That is why I’ve called a meeting and convened a working group to progress the Football Foundation’s Local Football Facility Plan.

Representatives from the local leagues, Barrow AFC, our Councils, the Lancashire FA, and the Football Foundation are all coming together to do what we can.

Finally, I am chairing another meeting of the GSK Taskforce next week. Securing a lasting, positive legacy for Ulverston remains the focus, and that’s what I will be pressing for next week.

If you have anything you would like to discuss contact me at