Cumbria's transport chief called for 'drastic improvement' to the county's railways after Cumbria was snubbed in plans to develop rail infrastructure across the North.

The plan, detailed by Boris Johnson and announced on Thursday, was billed by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps as a success.

He said it would cut journey times in the North with more than 100 miles of high-speed railway.

However, the plans are radically cut down from the original promises made by Mr Johnson, and Cumbria isn't mentioned once in the document.

MP Tim Farron slammed the plans following the reveal and Keith Little, cabinet member for highways and transport at Cumbria County Council, billed the announcement 'disappointing'.

He said: "It is disappointing what the Government have come out with after so many years of promises.

"The Transport for the North board have consistently fought for the Government to follow through with its plans in full.

"As far as Cumbria is concerned, we will receive some benefits from HS2, although the speeds wont be as high as through other areas.

"Many of our railways need drastic improvement – the Cumbria Coastal Line especially."

He explained that new signalling is required across the whole of the coastal line to improve both speed and capacity.

Additionally, he called for investment to implement a passing loop in the Lakes Line, which would allow trains to run simultaneously, rather than the one-per-hour which currently runs.

Especially during the summer months, when tourism is at its peak, this would reduce the pressure on the roads in the region.

The Furness Line is the best of the bunch, with new trains added recently, but he would still like to see general improvements on it.

Grudgingly, he said: "Cumbria is getting a little bit out of this.

"It’s not great but anything that benefits the North of England economically is likely to benefit Cumbria too."

Leaders across the North have reacted angrily to the plans.

Tim Farron called the announcement 'absolutely gobsmacking'.

He added: "They’ve shamefully axed plans for HS3 from Manchester to Leeds, which would have been so beneficial to improving East-West connectivity in the North, which quite frankly is far more important than making it a bit quicker to get to London.

"So today, the Conservatives have not only betrayed the North, but they’ve shown that they don’t even understand us.

"Cumbria deserves better than this."