A founding member of legendary Eighties band Spandau Ballet talks touring, getting the band back together and a special anniversary ahead of a Barrow performance.

Steve Norman played the saxophone, guitar, percussion and other instruments in their iconic tracks – and next February he will be heading to The Forum with his band The Sleevz to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Spandau Ballet's debut album – Journeys to Glory.

Speaking to The Mail, Steve said: "I think with The Sleevz, we've got that punky thing going on like Spandau did in the very early Eighties with this album.

"We had that punky Iggy Pop kind of edge.

"It will be us putting our own stamp on it, I don’t want it to sound exactly how it was.

"It’s a fine line between respecting Spandau, the album, and Sleevz.

"The album was a work of art for the time.

"It made a mark and I didn’t want it (the anniversary) to just slip by.

"I was worried that people might see me as a tribute to myself, but it's me.

"There's so much of me in that album."

Spandau Ballet saw a bitter breakup in the Nineties, but Steve wants to put it all behind them for the band and the fans.

He said: "I think it’s a real shame that we couldn’t have smashed our heads together, put everything aside and just done a farewell tour.

"For the fans, because they want us to be getting on, and as importantly, for me, John, Tony, Gary and Martin.

"I think we could have given that to ourselves after everything we went through.

"What resonates with me more than anything is that I'm so proud of what we did as a unit.

"I want to remember those good times and stop thinking about the times where it all fell apart."

When asked if a reunion for the 50th anniversary could be possible, he said: "We always say never say never.

"It would be great, I would really love that.

"But in the meantime I'm flying the Spandau flag."

The tour will stop in Barrow on February 23.

"I have heard of Barrow, and I've probably been there, but when you're touring in the Eighties you don’t remember too much about where you go," said Steve. "There's relatively little time when you're touring."

"This time round I’m paying more attention I guess; it might be age or just because I'm missing out on so much stuff, you’ve got some old stuff there I know that."

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