A TELEVISION show which was not afraid of showing every part of Barrow has come under scrutiny.

Simon Reeve, in his series, 'The Lakes with Simon Reeve', visited the town, including BAE Systems and charities in the area.

It led him to the Nan Tate Centre and Women's Community Matters where Rebecca Robson told him of their work helping the community.

Allan Calvert said: "I saw it. It drew attention to Barrow’s significant social problems but it also featured the amazing skills of shipyard workers and the great ships and submarines built.

"I was disappointed that it didn’t show more of the incredible Furness coastline and countryside. Overall pretty fair I thought."

Walney Lad said: "Part one was hardly inspiring and showcased the poverty we all live in - and of course a drive around the Barrow island flats just to highlight the point.

"Very few positives that l could see no celebration of some of the town's better aspects such as Furness Abbey."

Publicists said: "It was a good watch and was an honest appraisal of Barrow. The shipyard that provides 1000s of high skilled jobs and the fact its at the forefront of the country's defence work.

"The great work done by the Brathay Trust that pick up those youths that are struggling with life and aims to give them some structure and life skills plus support.

"Then the fantastic group that is Womens Community Matters superbly led by Rebecca Robson who has an inspiring team around her and do lots of work supporting women and or men who are struggling in the area."

Faileas said: "The programme wasn't all about Barrow. I thought it was a very well balanced programme as Simon Reeves programmes always are - showing both sides.

"I was also pleased to see the interview with Julie Bailey who runs the Penrith and district Red Squirrel group."